Via Verde

Via Verde, aka The Green Way, is a new approach to green and healthy urban living in the South Bronx and was the winning response to the New Housing New York Legacy Competition. The 1.5 acre site in the South Bronx is located in the Melrose neighborhood with access to mass transit and other urban amenities. A mixed-use project, Via Verde boasts 151 rental apartments for affordable to low-income households and 71 co-ops affordable to middle-income households. Layouts include simplexes, duplex units, and live-work units. There’s a first floor shared work space, too.

At the heart of Via Verde is a garden that serves as the organizing architectural element and community hub. The green rooftops of the low-rise townhomes, the mid-rise duplex building, and the 20-story tower harvest rainwater, support the growth of fruits and vegetables, and provide open space for residents. There are open air courtyards, a health education and wellness center operated by Montefiore Medical Center, health-oriented retail space, a fitness center and bicycle storage.

Via Verde exceeds LEED Gold standards and employs low-tech strategies such as cross ventilation, solar shading, and smart material choices, as well as planted green roofs, photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency mechanical systems, and energy-conserving appliances. For more information visit:


Phipps Houses and Jonathan Rose Companies


Dattner Architects and Grimshaw


700 Brook Avenue, Bronx NY


General Contractor

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